second hand clothes and shoes


second hand clothes and shoessecond hand clothes and shoessecond hand clothes and shoessecond hand clothes and shoessecond hand clothes and shoessecond hand clothes and shoes

Welcome to the website of the company abatex spain your reliable partner in the purchase and sale of quality secondhand clothes and shoes Extra y Cream  Specializing in the sale of clothing and footwear Wholesale resale Recovery and recycling of used clothing  Secondhand shoes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Second Hand Clothing , Secondhand Clothes, Used Clothing , Used Clothes Supplier for Export




The company is primarily in charge of recovery of textile material, in particular second hand clothes, shoes and bags. This material is selected depending on the market and supplying.


The company, in virtue of its experience, offers also a logistic department of national deliveries with boxes and containers’ 20 40  cube service.


Our products are aimed at the world market. Thanks to our logistic department we can organize deliveries everywhere.



The material is accurately selected by experts, packed and delivered as requested by the customer.

The waste material left from the manufacturing  gets stored and consequently recycled for industrial use                                                                                                                                                AA GRADE CREMA EXTRA

Europe & Eastern countries

Boutique quality

Superior quality brands

Actual fashion, from the latest fabrics

Includes winter and summer clothing


Summer clothes for Africa

Fashionable clothing

First choice for the African market

Well sorted, carefully examined

Specifically aimed at the African markets


Summer clothes for Africa

Clean summer clothes

Without cracks or faults

Only slightly used clothing

Specifically aimed at the African markets                                                                                               FIRST Quality – Child 0 / 14 years  T-Shirt and Polo for Man & woman -Sumer Fashion Woman – Polo LONG SLEEVE for Man & woman

Clothing for children, ages 0 / 10 years. The superior quality, fine French, Germany, Holland Italian, Spanish,  clothing for children, absolutely no rags or defective heads.Our commitment is to provide quality products with regard to the sale of used clothes adapting to the needs of our customers and wholesalers always trying to offer competitive prices Our quality shoes from Spain, Netherland, France and Germany are highly demanded worldwide Once selected, the second-hand shoes are neatly placed into sacks which weigh approximately 25,32 kg depending on our clients’ requirements

We ship by 20 ft or 40 ft high cube containers.

We can provide the shipping quotation to any destination in the World


20ft container of 10,000kg – 12,000kg (Approximately 200 bales)

40ft container of 20,000kg – 25,000kg (Approximately 500 bales)




20ft container of 10,000kg – 12,000kg (Approximately 200 bales)

40ft container of 20,000kg – 25,000kg (Approximately 500 bales)




20ft container of 6000kg  (Approximately 240 sacks)

40ft container of 16,250kg  (Approximately 650 sacks)                                                                             USED TEXTILE PRODUCTS                                                                                                                         men’s cotton and jeans shirts flannel shirts , jersey and cotton skirts cotton and jersey dresses , bathrobe dressing,gowns white coats and aprons for children cotton caps for sport , handkerchiefs foulards , woman shirts in cotton and jersey heavy woman shirts heavy jackets for man and woman light jackets for man and woman jackets for man and woman without sleeves jogging suits man dresses man raincoat , man overcoats woman overcoats , woman short coat heavy coats for man , light coats for man heavy coats for woman , light coats for woman heavy trousers for woman light trousers for woman cotton trousers for man , jeans trousers for man velvet trousers for man , wool trousers for man items in leather , items in pile working dresses , blankets and bedcovers synthetic furs , authentic furs men shirts, dress, casula, polo, shirts, men’s pants, cotton, casual and dress pants, t-shirts, jeans, summers jackets and coats, women’s dresses of all types, such as casual, dresses, cotton, everyday dresses, blouses and skirts of all types, women’s pants, including shorts, t-shirts, bathing suits, etc.  all our bales of mixed summer clothing have a great mixture, all mixed summer light children clothing , heavy children clothing children jackets , children jogging sweatshirts children trousers , cotton and nylon underwear winter underwear , for man and woman pyjamas for man and woman , night-gowns cotton vests with collar and long sleeve for man and woman cotton vests with collar and short sleeve for man and woman big size sweatshir , shorts , light tapistry heavy tapistry , curtains , couples of sockets ,couples of gloves scarves , ties , toys , carpets and als shoes , belts ,  We invite you to ask about our services recycling

OUR CLIENTS :secondhand shoes for the global marketplace Second hand shoes Manufacturers directory original second hand shoes Used merchandise containing used jeans, shoes, and used clothing export high quality original and sorted stock, second hand clothes and shoes used clothing service from spain , used merchandise and clothing are sold for wholesalers chaussures d’occasion vêtements d’occasion pour le marché mondial, répertoire fabricants chaussures d’occasion chaussures de seconde main originale, des marchandises d’occasion contenant des jeans d’occasion, chaussures, vêtements et exportent de haute qualité et d’occasion triés du stock d’origine, des vêtements de seconde main et des chaussures. utilisé le service de vêtements
KeniaTanzania ghana Uganda Congo Siera Leona Angola Ghana América Latina sur norte Chile República Dominicana Bolivia Costa Rica Haití Cuenca del Pacífico India Japón mix super calidad para Pakistán Largest wholesalers of used clothing and shoes. Import credential clothing from Netherland. Export used clothes to Africa, India, East Europe, Russia pakistan .clothing and more See info for all products services Used European quality Used Clothes Cream used clothes,used clothing for Africa Cream and extra used clothes from spain Popular in Africa cream quality used clothing cream Second Hand Clothing Import Export spain Africa Bales Used Clothing cream extra quality fantastic

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          second hand clothes and shoes Africa ,second hand clothes and shoes Ghana, second hand clothes and shoesTogo ,second hand clothes and shoes Congo, second hand clothes and shoes Ivory Coast,second hand clothes and shoes Gabon ,second hand clothes and shoes Benin ,second hand clothes and shoes Niger,second hand clothes and shoes Mauritius, second hand clothes and shoes Kenya, second hand clothes and shoes Comores, second hand clothes and shoes Mayotte ,secondhand clothes and shoes Djibouti ,secondhand clothes and shoes South-Africa, second hand clothes and shoes Angola,second hand clothes and shoes Cameroon ,second hand clothes D.R.C, second hand clothes Central African ,second hand clothes Republic Sao Tome & Principe, second hand clothes Madagascar, second hand clothes Liberia ,second hand clothes Tschad, second hand clothes Mali, second hand clothes Eastern-Europe, second hand clothes Lithuania, second hand clothes Poland ,second hand clothes Russia, second hand clothes Georgia, second hand clothes Ukraine,second hand clothes Czech Republic,second hand clothes Latvia,second hand clothes Middle-East,second hand clothes Lebanon, second hand clothes Egypt ,second hand clothes Irak, second hand clothes Pakistan, second hand clothes India,


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